Teen Bikini Slip Two Pieces Tankini Set Swimsuit Light Pink ZAFUL Women’s Scoop Neck Tropical Leaf Knotted


  • Multi-g
  • Light Pink
  • Multi-g Dot
  • Dark Sea Green
  • Z-bottom-camouflage Green
  • Z-top-orange Pink
  • Multi-o Chocolate
  • Multi-a
  • Dinosaur-gold
  • Z-bottom-camouflage Green2
  • Multi-i Yellow
  • Ribbed-blue
  • Z-bottom-dark Turquoise2
  • Multi-q-blue
  • Multi-q-tie Dye
  • Z-top-green Peas
  • Multi-d
  • Z-bottom-black2
  • Z-bottom-green Yellow2
  • Halloween-black
  • Multi-f
  • C-leopard
  • Bright Yellow
  • Multi-b
  • Multi-e
  • Z-bottom-black
  • Multi-q-pink
  • Boho-blue
  • Multi-p-red Wine
  • Z-top-bee Yellow
  • Multi-i Cherry Red
  • C-pink
  • Multi-marble Red
  • Multi-h
  • A-white
  • Z-top-white
  • Z-bottom-bright Yellow
  • Ribbed-black
  • A-black
  • Multi-c
  • Multi-q-orange
  • Multi-marble Black
  • C-orange Gold
  • Z-top-jungle Green
  • Boho-red
  • Blue
  • Z-top-leopard
  • X-Large
  • Small
  • Medium
  • XX-Large
  • Large


Material Nylon,Polyester,Spandex

Our Size S–US 4, M–US 6, L–US 8,XL–US 10,2XL–US 12

Padded Bra, Wire Free , Leaf Print

This two pieces bikini features a solid tank style top with a cute knot front to enhance the solid bodice and the tropical leaf print bottom

Two pieces bikini Set is perfect for summer, swimwear, beachwear, beach party, pool party, SPA,vacation

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Multi-g, Light Pink, Multi-g Dot, Dark Sea Green, Z-bottom-camouflage Green, Z-top-orange Pink, Multi-o Chocolate, Multi-a, Dinosaur-gold, Z-bottom-camouflage Green2, Multi-i Yellow, Ribbed-blue, Z-bottom-dark Turquoise2, Multi-q-blue, Multi-q-tie Dye, Z-top-green Peas, Z-top-green Peas, Multi-o Chocolate, Multi-d, Z-bottom-black2, Z-bottom-camouflage Green2, Z-bottom-green Yellow2, Ribbed-blue, Halloween-black, Multi-f, Multi-i Yellow, C-leopard, Bright Yellow, Multi-b, Multi-g, Multi-e, C-leopard, Z-bottom-camouflage Green2, Ribbed-blue, Halloween-black, Multi-f, Multi-i Yellow, Z-bottom-black, Multi-q-pink, Boho-blue, Z-bottom-camouflage Green2, Multi-p-red Wine, Z-bottom-green Yellow2, Multi-g Dot, Z-bottom-dark Turquoise2, Z-top-bee Yellow, Z-top-green Peas, Multi-g Dot, Multi-i Cherry Red, Bright Yellow, Z-bottom-camouflage Green, Multi-i Yellow, C-pink, Multi-marble Red, Multi-h, Z-bottom-dark Turquoise2, Ribbed-blue, Bright Yellow, Dark Sea Green, Multi-e, Z-bottom-black2, Z-top-bee Yellow, A-white, Z-top-white, Multi-f, Z-bottom-bright Yellow, Multi-q-tie Dye, Z-bottom-dark Turquoise2, A-white, Ribbed-black, Multi-e, Z-top-white, Dark Sea Green, Z-bottom-bright Yellow, Multi-h, A-black, Multi-c, Multi-f, Multi-h, Dinosaur-gold, Multi-q-orange, Light Pink, A-black, C-leopard, Halloween-black, Z-top-orange Pink, Multi-marble Black, Multi-d, Multi-q-pink, Multi-q-orange, A-black, Multi-g, Multi-a, Multi-b, Multi-a, Multi-b, Light Pink, C-orange Gold, C-leopard, Z-top-jungle Green, Bright Yellow, Z-top-orange Pink, Z-top-white, C-orange Gold, Multi-i Cherry Red, Light Pink, Z-bottom-black, Multi-p-red Wine, Multi-o Chocolate, Multi-c, Multi-e, Boho-blue, A-black, Multi-h, Multi-i Cherry Red, Z-bottom-black2, A-white, Multi-q-blue, Boho-red, Multi-a, Multi-h, Z-top-green Peas, C-orange Gold, Z-bottom-bright Yellow, Multi-f, A-white, Boho-red, Boho-red, Dark Sea Green, Multi-c, Dinosaur-gold, A-white, Multi-i Cherry Red, Ribbed-blue, Multi-e, Z-bottom-black, Z-top-white, Multi-i Cherry Red, Halloween-black, A-black, Z-top-orange Pink, Z-bottom-green Yellow2, Multi-g Dot, Blue, C-pink, Multi-o Chocolate, Multi-d, Z-bottom-bright Yellow, Dinosaur-gold, Multi-q-pink, Multi-marble Black, Multi-i Yellow, C-pink, Multi-c, Multi-q-blue, Multi-a, Boho-red, Z-bottom-camouflage Green, Multi-q-tie Dye, C-orange Gold, Boho-blue, Z-bottom-black, Z-bottom-camouflage Green, Multi-q-orange, Boho-blue, Multi-g, Z-top-green Peas, C-leopard, Z-top-bee Yellow, Z-top-leopard, Boho-blue, C-orange Gold, Multi-o Chocolate, C-pink, Z-top-bee Yellow, Boho-red, Multi-b, Ribbed-black, Z-bottom-black2, Multi-p-red Wine, Multi-b, Multi-g Dot, Ribbed-black, Multi-g, Multi-d, Z-top-leopard


X-Large, X-Large, Small, Small, Small, Medium, XX-Large, X-Large, X-Large, X-Large, Small, X-Large, X-Large, Medium, Small, Large, X-Large, X-Large, Small, X-Large, Small, X-Large, Large, Large, Medium, X-Large, Medium, X-Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XX-Large, Small, Medium, Small, Small, Large, Large, Large, Large, X-Large, Large, Large, Medium, Large, Small, Large, Medium, X-Large, Small, Small, X-Large, Medium, Small, XX-Large, Small, Medium, Medium, Large, X-Large, Medium, Medium, Medium, Small, X-Large, X-Large, X-Large, Medium, Large, XX-Large, XX-Large, Large, Large, Large, Medium, X-Large, Medium, X-Large, XX-Large, Medium, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, X-Large, XX-Large, Small, XX-Large, Large, Small, Large, Small, Small, Medium, XX-Large, Large, Small, Small, Large, XX-Large, Medium, Medium, X-Large, Medium, Medium, Large, Medium, Small, Small, Small, Medium, X-Large, Large, XX-Large, Large, XX-Large, Large, X-Large, Small, XX-Large, Small, XX-Large, Small, X-Large, Large, Small, Large, Medium, X-Large, Medium, XX-Large, Large, Medium, X-Large, XX-Large, Small, Medium, Small, Medium, X-Large, Large, Large, Large, Medium, Small, Medium, Large, Medium, Small, Medium, Medium, Large, XX-Large, X-Large, Small, Large, XX-Large, Small, Large, Large, XX-Large, XX-Large, X-Large, Medium, Small, Medium, Medium, XX-Large, Large, X-Large, Medium, Small, Small, Medium, Large, Small, Large, Medium, Medium, Small, Medium, Large, XX-Large, Small, Large, X-Large, Small


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