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How to clean the dirty sports shoes?

I believe that everyone has several pairs of sports shoes, sports shoes are very comfortable to wear, but cleaning is a big problem. Moreover, there has always been a debate about how to wash sports shoes. Some people say that sports shoes should be washed directly with water. Some people say that they cannot be washed with water and should be brushed dry. In fact, many times shoes are not worn out, but washed out. Many people use the wrong way to wash shoes, and the life of shoes is halved! So how do you wash sports shoes? In fact, the most scientific scheme is to distinguish according to the material.

Leather upper

Many shoes have smooth leather uppers. Shoes with such leather uppers generally cannot be washed. After washing, the leather of the leather shoes will become dry and hard, and the leather surface may fall off after washing, so the shoes are basically It was scrapped. How to clean leather uppers? It is best to use a cloth dipped in water and wring it dry, wipe off the dust on the leather surface with a damp cloth that does not drip, and then apply a leather care agent for maintenance, so that the leather can maintain a good condition.

Suede upper

Suede is also leather, and it cannot be washed either. NB shoes often use suede as the main material. The suede material is very comfortable to wear, has very good air permeability and looks very classic and elegant, which is loved by many people. But suede has a disadvantage that it is very intolerant to dirt and it is very easy to attract dust. If there is a lot of dust on the shoes, just brush it off with a soft brush. If it is stained, you can also wipe it lightly with a damp cloth, and then use suede conditioner to protect the leather.

Patent leather upper

Patent leather is sprayed with various coatings with two layers of leather embryos to make the appearance of the leather look like a blingbling effect. It is generally used on high-end sports shoes. This type of shoe upper is more fragile than the previous two, and is easier to scratch and age. It is also recommended to wipe gently with a damp cloth, do not wash with water and do not use various acid alkaline cleaning agents.

Mesh upper

Mesh shoes are the most common material for shoes. You can wash mesh shoes with neutral detergent + soft brush, but you should pay attention to the action should be light and the bristles should be soft, otherwise the mesh upper may be worn, and ventilation Do not expose it to the sun in the shade, otherwise it will change color, turn yellow or even open the glue.

Canvas upper

Canvas heels are similar to mesh shoes, but you must be careful to wash them several times in clean water and thoroughly wash off the detergent, otherwise the canvas material may become hard and affect the foot feel.

Fiber woven upper

The fiber woven upper has good air permeability, and the comfort of the shoes is very good, but there is a small problem that it is easy to attract dust, and a lot of small dust will be hidden in the gaps of the fibers. Therefore, in general, use a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer to blow out the dust in the gap. If you want to wash it with water, it is also possible.

Again, shoes are often washed out, not worn out. I hope everyone will take good care of their favorite shoes!

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