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Custom-made cultural shirts, choosing the right color is very important!

When ordering cultural shirts, many people first respond to design patterns or logos, which is beyond doubt. But we can also consider the color of the t-shirt first. Today I will talk about how color is related to emotional power.

Custom-made cultural shirts

Color is an important form of visual communication that can have strong emotional resonance with everyone. In this challenging era, color can express different feelings and responses in various global crises. Before conducting research on color application methods, it is important to understand our perception of color and the physical and emotional responses that color causes. Studies have shown that certain colors can cause subconscious physiological reactions related to primitive instincts. For example, a research team led by Professor Stephen Westland of the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom found that there is evidence that red light can increase heart rate, while blue light can decrease heart rate.

Custom-made cultural shirts

In addition to physical reactions, colors can also affect personal emotions, which are related to our own memories and experiences. Over the centuries, under the interaction of tradition and social environment, people have formed subjective views and reactions to colors. It is expected that bright colors will be used more widely to convey happiness and happiness, but color preferences are quite subjective, and the emotions that they elicit are different for each person. However, studies have shown that warm red, pink, orange and yellow can evoke optimism and Positive feeling. The saturation of the hue can also increase the energy level of the body, especially bright red, which can cause excitement by increasing the heart rate.

Custom-made cultural shirts

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