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How to match T-shirts to look better

The weather is warming up slowly, and T-shirts have gradually become the main force in everyone’s wardrobe. So how should T-shirts be matched to create a visual sense of one meter and six meters tall? How to match them to make yourself Become the most beautiful cub in the street. The editor below will introduce some dressing options to everyone. I hope everyone can shine especially throughout the summer:

T-shirt and jeans

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T-shirt and jeans, a golden combination of summer, a match that will not step on thunder. Girls can try to tuck all the hem of the T-shirt into their jeans to appear more capable. You can also tie up a corner of the T-shirt carefully and it will look very special. In the end, a girl with a good figure can completely tie up the hem of the T-shirt and expose your abdominal muscles, which is refreshing and beautiful.

T-shirt plus wide leg pants

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If your figure can’t allow you to expose your flesh, why not try wide-leg pants? Carefully selected T-shirts and simple wide-leg pants, and then tighten your T-shirt, you can hide the thick legs quietly and make your waistline look slimmer.

T-shirt and A-line skirt

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The T-shirt and the A-line skirt are really the standard collocation for energetic girls. This outfit, you must be the most attractive presence in the whole street, really full of vitality, is the best match for summer.

T-shirt and fishtail skirt

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The collision of the slogan T-shirt and the fishtail skirt really broke out 100% femininity in an instant, and the intellectual office white-collar style came out.

T-shirt plus single product

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For girls with thin legs, please show your advantages as much as you can. T-shirts and high slit skirts will make you full of OL in an instant.

The Bungee girl looks over, and of course you can’t miss the T-shirt + fishnet stockings + ankle boots when you wear European and American styles, and then put on a European and American makeup, you are the most dazzling pure presence in the bar.

Stacking necklaces is a very popular dressing method recently. It turns you into a hip-hop singer every minute, as if you are going to have a freestyle on the street.

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Custom-made cultural shirts, choosing the right color is very important!

When ordering cultural shirts, many people first respond to design patterns or logos, which is beyond doubt. But we can also consider the color of the t-shirt first. Today I will talk about how color is related to emotional power.

Custom-made cultural shirts

Color is an important form of visual communication that can have strong emotional resonance with everyone. In this challenging era, color can express different feelings and responses in various global crises. Before conducting research on color application methods, it is important to understand our perception of color and the physical and emotional responses that color causes. Studies have shown that certain colors can cause subconscious physiological reactions related to primitive instincts. For example, a research team led by Professor Stephen Westland of the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom found that there is evidence that red light can increase heart rate, while blue light can decrease heart rate.

Custom-made cultural shirts

In addition to physical reactions, colors can also affect personal emotions, which are related to our own memories and experiences. Over the centuries, under the interaction of tradition and social environment, people have formed subjective views and reactions to colors. It is expected that bright colors will be used more widely to convey happiness and happiness, but color preferences are quite subjective, and the emotions that they elicit are different for each person. However, studies have shown that warm red, pink, orange and yellow can evoke optimism and Positive feeling. The saturation of the hue can also increase the energy level of the body, especially bright red, which can cause excitement by increasing the heart rate.

Custom-made cultural shirts

T company customization, a more professional and high-quality Internet customization platform , we believe in the power of the group and the power of professionalism! Our mission is to allow more people to experience a more professional and higher-quality custom service of group clothing. Abundant customized products, each product has undergone strict quality control.

Strict selection of designated suppliers of international brands, selection of healthy and good cotton, more comfortable to wear; rich handicrafts, environmentally friendly, durable and bright printing materials; self-operated printing base + self-developed production system, quick response, support for expedited, and guarantee of delivery; After professional training, customized consultants can provide the best combination plan according to your needs.

T agency provides a simple and convenient customization process for companies to customize T-shirts easily and quickly. At the same time, the choice of multi-color bottom shirts is arbitrary. Reasonable prices and T agency’s consistent high-quality craftsmanship and considerate high-quality services are the best choice for corporate customization. . Hurry up and consult the official website customer service!

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A few simple steps teach you how to make a beautiful and lovely DIY phone case

Mobile phones have become a part of life. Play during the day, play at night, go to work, play after work, go out, you can go out without money or bags, you almost have no courage to go out without your mobile phone, first of all, you can’t pass the boring time. Moreover, a mobile phone can handle almost everything in life. You can take the bus, eat, and shop, all can be done through the mobile phone.

Gradually, we also concentrate our tastes on this little thing, from the appearance of the phone itself to the screensaver theme inside, to the decoration of the phone case, all will be injected into the feeling of the owner. Today, the editor will bring you a few tutorials on diy mobile phone cases, so that your baby will look what you want in your hands.

Although you can buy everything in Taobao, Ma Yun can’t satisfy everyone’s mood. Sometimes, for a favorite ta, he has to find a needle in a haystack. Instead of spending money, it is better to DIY one.

In fact, if you have learned to paint, or if you are good at painting without a teacher, then this is too simple for you, you will see later. But if you don’t know how to paint, don’t worry, there are many ways to make a beautifully decorated phone case

Hand painted mobile phone case

If you draw, then you will find that your phone case has unlimited possibilities to become beautiful and unique.

Use paper tape

Friends who like hand accounts will have paper tape. Now a stationery store has a lot of paper tapes for sale, not to mention student friends, and these various types of paper tape are placed on the phone case. You can’t slip away too.

Is it a simple and effective way?

Magazine clip art

Those who are accustomed to buying magazines can try it, or if you see a picture you like on other paper media, and you happen to control the size of the phone case, you can try to cut and paste it directly, of course, you don’t need to paste it. , Directly sandwiched between the phone and the case. In addition to the appropriate size method, pictures of the size such as stickers can also be posted on the back, and the effect is also very good!

Ornament decoration

Some small decorations, such as diamond ornaments, buttons, semi-pearls, sequins, etc., can be combined to decorate the appearance of the phone case.

Nail polish decoration

In the nail salon, I don’t know if you have noticed such a sensation of nail art. It has a wonderful over-color, and it is also such a shiny style. Try it with your nail polish. This is really beautiful!

Another way is to use nail polish to drop the nail polish in the water, and the nail polish of different colors will form an unpredictable pattern. Then press the outside of the phone case against the pattern in the water, pause for a while, and then pick it up. The nail polish pattern in the previous water ran to the phone case, and it is not easy to fall off! The editor did not find a tutorial, but you can use the cup tutorial to let everyone experience it!

Embossed phone case

This one is the most complicated, but the effect is obvious to all. First, the dried flowers need to be pressed, flat dried flowers, and assembled on the phone case, then the dried flowers are fixed and sealed on the phone case with crystal glue, which can not only maintain the color of the flowers, but also play a role in bonding. There is no fixed choice. What kind of flower you like, you can do what kind of effect.

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How to clean blankets correctly? 5 tips for blanket cleaning

Abstract: Blanket is a kind of commonly used bedding, which has the function of keeping warm and is thinner than quilt. There are many types of raw materials, so there are many varieties. After many friends buy blankets home, they are not very clear about how to wash the blankets. Here, I will give a detailed summary on how to wash blankets, so that friends who have bought blankets can know how to wash blankets.

How to wash the blanket is correct?

After many friends buy blankets home, they are not very clear about how to wash the blankets. Here, I will give a detailed summary on how to wash blankets, so that friends who have bought blankets can know how to wash blankets.

First of all, for the question of how to wash the blanket is the correct way, you must first figure out what kind of blanket you are buying. Different quality blankets have different cleaning methods. We roughly divide the quality of blankets into two large quantities according to the blankets that are often sold on the market. One is pure wool blankets, and the other is chemical fiber blankets. How to wash these two quality blankets is different.

Coral fleece blanket cleaning method

Coral fleece is made of imported DTY microfiber as raw material. It not only feels super soft and smooth, delicate and gentle, like baby skin, but also has fine silk threads, thick texture, soft and comfortable. It will not fade, lint, or pilling, and has excellent water absorption.

Coral fleece is the latest and best-selling fabric among textile fabrics. Mainly used in home accessories, nightgowns, baby products, children’s clothing, clothing lining, shoes and hats, toys, car accessories, craft products and other materials.

Compared with other textiles, its advantages are particularly obvious: in summary, it is soft, delicate, non-linting, and easy to dye.

Faced with such a comfortable coral fleece blanket, why don’t we do regular dry cleaning, what is the correct cleaning method? The editor provides the following suggestions.

At home, there are two cleaning methods: one is machine washing and the other is hand washing.

Machine washing: First, roll the blanket into a mesh bag and put it into the washing machine; use general detergent and wash at room temperature, not rinsing; dry naturally after washing, do not use tumble dryer, do not iron.

Hand wash: First pour warm water of about 30 degrees Celsius into the container, and add an appropriate amount of neutral detergent; then put the blanket in the container soaked, soak for about 20 minutes, and then repeatedly scrub gently to make the blanket stains Release it and go to the sewage; then rinse it with clean water repeatedly, squeeze out the water, and finally dry it in the shade, and do not expose it to the sun.

In daily use, you should often put the blanket in the sun to bathe, and gently pat to remove the sweat, dust, dander, etc. stuck on the blanket, and carefully comb the fluff to keep the blanket surface Clean, fluffy and soft. It should be prevented from squeezing when storing, which can keep the texture of the blanket elastic and provide better care.

How to wash pure wool blankets

Wool blankets cannot be washed in a washing machine. Because the high-speed rotation of the washing machine will damage the wool blanket. Wool blankets are easily deformed after washing. Therefore, it can only be washed by hand or taken to a dry cleaner. Before washing the woolen blanket, soak it in cold water for a period of time to fully soak the blanket. Then lift the blanket, gently squeeze part of the water, and rub it gently with soap. Don’t twist the blanket dry, use your hands to squeeze out the water. Otherwise, the blanket is easily deformed. Finally, blankets should generally be dried in the shade. Do not expose them directly to the sun, as this will make the blankets hard, out of shape, and easy to shed. How to wash wool blankets is probably to pay attention to these problems.

How to wash chemical fiber blankets

Generally, there are two kinds of polyester and acrylic fiber in the market. This kind of blanket can be washed in a washing machine. But there is no need to add blisters. Generally, cold water of about 20 degrees is most suitable. Of course, hand-washing is of course better. The method of washing chemical fiber blankets is probably similar to that of wool blankets (recommendation: pillow core). If you are washing with a washing machine, remember not to dry it directly with the washing machine. Instead, squeeze it dry by hand. The blankets are mainly dry in the shade, so that the shape of the blanket can be better maintained and it is not easy to shed hair. Secondly, if you want to make the blanket smoother after washing, you can add about one or two white vinegar during the last wash to make the washed blanket look more vivid. Finally, everyone must remember that yes, no matter what kind of blanket, do not use boiling water bubble, using boiling water bubble not only is easy to deform the blanket, but also makes the blanket easier to shed.

5 tips for blanket cleaning

1. In the laundry tub, use neutral soap flakes or high-grade washing powder to turn into a light soap solution of about 20 degrees. After the blanket is soaked in clean water, gently squeeze out the water and put it in the soap solution gently by hand After kneading and washing, rinse with clean water several times.

2. If it is a pure blanket, you can put about one or two of white vinegar in the last rinse, so that the washed blanket can be as bright as new.

3. After rinsing, roll up the blanket, press lightly to drain the water, and then use the brush to neaten the fluff brush into the original square shape.

4. Drying the blanket is best to use two bamboo poles to set up in parallel, then put the blanket on top and place it in a cool place to dry slowly. Avoid direct exposure to the sun to prevent the blanket from fading and deforming.

5. The dried blanket is best to be brushed again with a brush to restore the original soft feel and beautiful appearance of the blanket.

Daily care of blankets

1. In daily care, the dust on the upper blanket can be removed by shaking and flapping.

2. However, if you accidentally spill a drink and cause a small area of ​​the blanket to get dirty, you can wipe it gently with a white towel with strong absorption power and warm water at about 40 degrees Celsius.

3. If the blanket is partially stained with oil and clean water is difficult to achieve the purpose of cleaning, then you can use a mildly alkaline mild detergent to gently wipe it, and then gently wipe it with a white towel with strong absorption power and warm water at about 40 degrees Celsius clean.

4. Don’t panic when encountering a wide range of dirt. Turn the washing machine to a gentle level, add acidic or weak alkaline mild detergent, stir well, and then gently wash with water. Dry the water before drying.

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How to design cultural shirts to look good? How to design cultural shirts?

  This year’s hot Slogan style once again attracted everyone’s attention to the pattern design of T-shirts. T-shirts are available every year, but the pattern design trend is different every year. So how should the pattern of the cultural shirt/T-shirt be designed? How to design the pattern of the cultural shirt Will it look good? Today, the editor of T agency will come to talk to you about the design of T-shirts.

  T-shirt pattern design is not simple, let’s re-understand this handy “T-shirt”:

  T-shirts are the simplest among the many categories of clothing: easy to wash, easy to maintain, easy to buy, and easy to match;

  T-shirts are comfortable to wear: cotton or cotton-containing fabrics are generally used, soft and comfortable, and unrestrained;

  T-shirts are relatively cheap: the price is popular and consumers can accept it;

  If there are antonyms, suits, high heels, and commuter bags should be the antonyms of T-shirts, which will definitely not make sense; T-shirts symbolize a life attitude that is close to nature, relaxed and relaxed.

  This attribute means that the design of T-shirts is not unreasonable. There are several key points in the design of T-shirts:

  How to design a cultural shirt/T-shirt pattern: color selection tips

  The pattern printing and dyeing methods of T-shirts, namely the printing process, are mainly divided into three types: screen printing, thermal transfer printing, and digital direct injection process.

  The most common screen printing is because the screen printing adopts the over-color printing method, so it is impossible to achieve the transition of all colors between the two colors according to the picture. It is difficult to reflect the color transition according to the picture itself; thermal transfer printing is because of the thermosetting pattern A layer of jelly will be formed on the surface of the attachment after transfer, which has a poor hand feeling and is airtight, so the pattern should be small.How to design cultural shirts to look good?  How to design cultural shirts?

  These technological limitations require that the color registration of the T-shirt design should be controlled within a certain range. And the “small but beautiful” color coincides with the casual, simple, fresh, and natural T-shirt.

  How to design cultural shirt/T-shirt pattern: pattern size design skills

  The logo on the chest, usually 6cm or 8cm;

  The logo is smaller, more subtle and generous.

  The front and back large images are generally A4 size <21*29.7cm> as the reference size;

  ID is printed on the right or left sleeve, within 10cm width;

  The width of the big picture cannot exceed 30cm and the length cannot exceed 40cm.

  The position of the pattern is mostly concentrated in the center of the chest, and the size will not exceed 15 square centimeters (the center line of the T-shirt shown in the above picture is used as a reference), and the position of the pattern cannot cross the seams of the clothes. No matter how complex the content of the pattern is, it should show a simple outline, round or square, giving a striking impression.

  In the pattern composition, the three composition methods of point, line and surface are the most common. Like the “small but beautiful” color, the T-shirt pattern should be “small and beautiful”, with details to attract people’s attention.

  Of course, if you want to customize advertising shirts, then the design of the pattern is another matter. Try to make the pattern as large as possible to enhance the advertising effect.How to design cultural shirts to look good?  How to design cultural shirts?

  In addition to the above-mentioned pattern design “Small but Beautiful” and “Small but Beautiful”, the regular repetitive patterns are also very beautiful. This kind of pattern can be used as the pattern of T-shirt printing on the whole body. The design of this kind of pattern is also skillful. Don’t think that the same pattern will be beautiful when piled together.How to design cultural shirts to look good?  How to design cultural shirts?

  How to design cultural shirts/T-shirt patterns: Design techniques for full-body printed T-shirt patterns

Points to note when choosing printing patterns:

  1. Try to avoid particularly large color blocks, especially on the chest. Large color blocks will cause the printing position to be airtight when you sweat whether you use glue or ink printing.

  2. T-shirts and cultural shirts have three positions: front, back and cuffs to avoid your pattern from the armhole to the shoulder position, because the small batch of printing is mostly ready-to-wear printing, and the stitching in these positions will affect the printing The effect will also increase the cost.

  3. When you choose screen printing, you must control the color, because the more the number of colors, the higher the cost.

  4. Screen printing should avoid the use of color gradients, because the printed gradients will be very different from those displayed on the screen. After all, printing on fabrics and printing on paper are different.

  After designing the T-shirt/T-shirt pattern according to the above design precautions and techniques, you must put the pattern on the T-shirt first to preview the design effect and placement, and finally determine the position for the T-shirt printing.

  Summary of the key points of T-shirt/cultural shirt design:

  When designing patterns, pay attention to such things as color, density, composition, cohesive effects, application, narrative (such as telling stories with patterns), fun (such as changing elements in repetition), style (such as Memphis), sense of series Wait.

  After designing a satisfactory T-shirt/cultural shirt pattern, you can directly find a T-shirt customization platform to customize T-shirts.

  In order to match the unique design of each customizer, the T-shirt customization platform has no choice but to provide high-quality brand designs. Make every love possible and show it using T-shirts as a carrier.

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What are the advantages of hooded sweatersThe advantages of hooded sweater design

As the weather gradually gets colder, even in the hot south, there is no summer heat, and even a hint of coolness can be felt at night, which also means that autumn is coming. Autumn sweaters, as the top clothing styles in sales, have always been loved by the public. In particular, although the sweaters are simple, they have different styles, such as hooded sweaters, round neck sweaters, zipper sweaters, etc., which satisfy our various demand. Next, the customized editor of T agency will introduce to you the advantages of the hooded sweater and the benefits of hooded sweater design.

What are the advantages of hooded sweatersThe advantages of hooded sweater design

Hooded sweater-fashion all-match

Hooded sweaters integrate fashion and functionality, blending comfort and fashion, and become the first choice for young people’s street sports. Trendy men and trendy women are of course loyal fans of hooded sweaters. The graffiti plan of the hooded sweater shows the young personality, and comfortable wearing is the best equipment for leisure sports. And the hooded sweater is simple to match, sports pants, jeans, or skirts can create a relaxed sense of fashion.

What are the advantages of hooded sweatersThe advantages of hooded sweater design

Hooded sweater-an artifact inside

The hooded sweater is not only very suitable for single wear, but also a very popular way to wear it inside. It is deeply loved by the public. In many star street shots, you can always see the shadow of the hooded sweater. One of the charms of hooded sweaters is that most of the overcoats can blend well with it and add a sense of youthful fashion. If you start with a calm and serious coat, but don’t want to wear too formal and serious, then you only need to choose a hooded sweater as an inner wear to weaken the formal sense of this coat. Even the windy checkered coat of the old cadres can show a sense of youth and fashion with a hooded sweater.

What are the advantages of hooded sweatersThe advantages of hooded sweater design

Hooded sweater-cold and warm

The advantage of the hooded sweater is of course to keep warm! Especially in the cold winter, putting on the hat of the hooded sweater and tightening the drawstring will not only keep your head warm, but also prevent cold wind from pouring into your neck. Oh.

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How to clean the phone case

The phone case will accumulate a lot of dust, dirt and bacteria, so you must clean it regularly. Fortunately, it is not troublesome to clean, just use detergent and water. You can also use antiseptic alcohol for regular disinfection, or use sodium bicarbonate to remove stubborn stains. After some cleaning, the phone case looks like new!

method1:Clean with dish soap

  1. 1Remove the phone caseWhen cleaning the phone case, be sure to take out the phone. Otherwise, water will seep into the phone and cause it to malfunction. Keep the phone out of water. 
    • If the phone case consists of two parts, plastic and silicone, take them apart. Pull out the soft silicone layer from the outer hard plastic shell.
  2. 2Pour 1 cup (240mL) of hot water and a drop of dish soap into the bowl. Only one drop can be used at most, otherwise a lot of bubbles will be produced. Stir the water and detergent with a spoon. 
  3. 3Dip a clean new toothbrush into dish soap. If you don’t have a new toothbrush, you can use a clean cloth. Place the toothbrush head in the detergent water and stir gently to fill it with water. 
  4. 4Use a toothbrush to scrub the surface of the phone case. Brush the front and back of the phone case in a circle, including those corners. Both the plastic layer and the silicone layer should be brushed, and there should be no omissions from the inside to the outside. 
  5. 5Rinse the phone case with water, then dry it with a soft cloth. Be sure to rinse the detergent and dry it again. Wipe with a soft cloth to avoid scratches. 
  6. 6Let the phone case dry for at least one hour. Don’t wait to install the phone in the case. Even if the phone case is dry to the touch, there may still be water residue, which can damage the phone. After an hour, you can put the phone back into a clean phone case. 
    • As long as you think the phone case is dirty or has obvious stains, you can use detergent and water to clean it.

method2:Disinfect mobile phone case

  1. 1Remove the phone case. When disinfecting the phone case, be sure to take out the phone. Disinfectant may penetrate into the phone and cause it to malfunction. If the phone case has an inner lining, pull the inner lining out of the outer hard shell. 
  2. 2Pour some disinfectant alcohol on the soft cloth. The alcohol content must exceed 70%. If the alcohol bottle has a spray head, no soft cloth is needed, and it can be sprayed directly on the phone case. 
  3. 3Wipe the phone case up and down with a cloth dipped in alcohol. Both the plastic layer and the silicone layer should be wiped, and there should be no omissions from the inside to the outside. 
  4. 4Wipe off the alcohol with a dry cloth. Try to wipe it clean as possible until the phone case is almost dry to the touch. 
  5. 5Wait an hour, then load the phone. Leave the phone case aside for at least one hour. After an hour, you can put the phone back into the phone case.
    • Get in the habit of cleaning at least once a month to keep the phone case clean.

method3:Remove stubborn stains

  1. 1Remove the phone case. When cleaning the phone case with liquid, take out the phone first to avoid damage to the phone. If the phone case has multiple layers, separate the inner and outer hard cases. 
  2. 2Sprinkle some baking soda on the stain. You don’t need to sprinkle a lot, as long as it can cover the stain. Any baking soda will do. 
  3. 3Brush the baking soda with a wet toothbrush to let it penetrate into the stain. Brush back and forth around the stain until the stain is no longer visible. 
    • Baking soda may not remove all stains. If you rub it for a while and find that the stain does not fade, you may need to use a stronger stain remover.
  4. 4Flush off the baking soda, and then dry the phone case with a soft cloth. After rinsing and wiping dry, let it dry for at least an hour. After an hour, you can put the phone back into the phone case.
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How to wash printed T-shirts?

Printed T-shirts are very popular nowadays, but how to wash printed T-shirts to prevent the deformation and fading of printed T-shirts? The prints of printed T-shirts are very beautiful, but some people will show the printed patterns after washing them once. They are not as bright as they were just bought. That is the way he washes them. So how do you wash a printed T-shirt to avoid the printing pattern becoming dim?

First of all, turn the clothes over when washing the printed T-shirt, so as to reduce the friction between the printed T-shirt and other clothes. And printed T-shirts are best washed with warm water or cold water below 40 degrees Celsius, avoid using brushes when washing printed T-shirts, and do not rub hard.

How to wash printed T-shirts?

Secondly, do not use detergents that contain bleach when washing printed T-shirts. You can soak it in cold water or warm water below 40 degrees for 5 minutes in advance. Note that 5 minutes is sufficient, not soaking for too long. It is best to wash by hand, avoid wringing, and dry naturally.

How to wash printed T-shirts?

Finally, when ironing is needed, just use medium-temperature ironing. For elastic models with elastic fibers added to the bottom shirt, pay more attention to the ironing temperature. High temperature will destroy the fiber structure and easily make the clothes lose elasticity. The most important Do not iron directly on the pattern, and be sure to cover the pattern with a wet cloth when ironing.

How to wash printed T-shirts?

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How do big breasts choose swimsuits that fit and look good?

Summer is here, sunny beach and sea breeze

Every girl has a pink girl heart

I want to put on a beautiful swimsuit and go to Sahuan (photograph)~

However, the big breasted sister paper picks ten swimsuits! Minute! bother! angry!

Show big breasts in full view, so shy !

The swimsuit looks fat! People are not fat papers with hunky backs !

Tired! Wearing a swimsuit to become a nanny in a second …

‘m always worried about getting out, I can’t swim well…

Although breasts and hips are a sign of women’s beauty, but in summer wearing swimsuits, the troubles of big breasted girls, who knows who has big breasts.. (Cry face.jpg)

For example, wearing a bathing suit makes you look fat; wearing a bathing suit with a big chest droops, swimming in the water is too much resistance…


Big breasted sister paper

How to choose a fit and look good in a swimsuit?

Become the queen of summer fashion

1. Protect the white rabbit, full of security

In summer swimsuits show arms and legs, most girls with big breasts often feel too insecure when exposed to too much, worry about the white rabbits that are ready to be exposed at any time, worry about the white rabbits jumping up and down accidentally injured, worry about the misplacement of the swimsuits during the surfing, etc. …

The big-breasted girl is always in fear…muttering in her heart, which little bitch is staring jealously, or which wretched uncle is shooting colored eyes…In this regard, we recommend that big-breasted girls can choose the following swimsuits:

A common worry for big breasted girls is that they worry about sagging breasts. If a girl with big breasts wants to wear a bikini, then a bikini with underwire is your first choice.

Swimsuits with steel rims are the same as ordinary underwear. They can fix the expansion of your breasts. It will not make your breasts scurry like wearing other styles and bring a full sense of security to girls .

The steel ring and the hanging neck are more stable, allowing your breasts to stand up naturally without the appearance of chest shaking.

Wearing a bikini, but also worried about the lower body, legs or buttocks will be (more) fat big breasted girls, you can choose a one-piece skirt design , can also be matched with a high waist design (small skirt) , or choose a thin silk The towel surrounds the lower body.

It can not only hide the small meat, but also has the effect of lengthening the legs, showing the advantages, while secretly covering the shortcomings, which is both beautiful and thin.

Swimsuits are also recommended to choose skirt-style bottoms, and avoid swelling patterns such as horizontal stripes and small broken flowers.

Curvy Kate Jetty Flamingo Swim Skirt

Curvy Kate Set Sail Indigo Mix High Waist Brief

If the big-breasted girl feels that the bikini is too exposed, then the V-neck or U-neck swimsuit with underwire is undoubtedly the best choice.

The V-neck swimsuit can lengthen the lines of the whole body, and the neckline is slightly lower, which visually makes the plump bust appear flat.

The one-piece swimsuit can also cover the belly, maximizing the safety of girls with plump upper body.

Freya Drift Away Navy Padded Halter Tankini

If you feel that bikini or V-neck/U-neck swimsuits are too exposed, double shoulder straps are also a safe choice for big breasted girls.

The double shoulder strap can prevent the swimsuit from falling off during strenuous exercise, and bring a full sense of security to the big breasted girl!

For girls with big breasts, the white rabbit on the chest is often not light weight. If the swimsuit has thin shoulder straps or thin straps, under the weight of the big white rabbit, the thin straps are very easy to draw red marks on the body, or there is a kind of Can’t bear the weight of the white rabbit, feel like going on strike at any time.

At this time, choosing a wide shoulder strap or a wide strap is a good choice, which can reduce the pressure on the body.

Freya Glam Glam Rock Rosegold Padded Halter Suit

2. Wearing a chest, big waist and thin hips is to look thin!

Big breasted girls are often accompanied by more fleshy bodies. If you wear them casually, girls with big breasts will look fat no matter how they wear them.

For summer swimwear, it is more important to choose the styles carefully to increase the curve , cover the fleshy body, and wear big breasts, thin waist and hips!

The style of the big breasted girl’s choice of swimsuit should be as simple as possible. Complicated styles are not only cumbersome, but also look bloated.

Complex styles with ruffles and small flowers on the upper body are not suitable for girls with big breasts.

As shown in the picture on the left, the lotus leaf sleeve + upper body wrap design is originally intended to cover the flesh, but compared to the simple V-neck design on the right, the upper body is more swollen.

Choosing this one -piece swimsuit with a perspective design will make you very sexy without looking too exaggerated.

Freya Sundance White High Neck Cutout Sui

There are two biggest concerns for big breasts. One is that the swimsuit is dragged and slipped by the water when going ashore, and the other is that the swimsuit is the most fat when it is safe.

The hollowed-out one-piece style at the waist will not slip easily, and can also help big-breasted girls to balance the visual effect of the chest space, making the thick one-piece swimsuit look less dull, directly solving the two major problems, and it is the perfect thin waist blind eye method .

ADRIANA DEGREAS Gincko Leaves Cutout Swimsuit

AGENT PROVOCATEUR Dakotta Cutout Swimsuit

Big-breasted girls can also use a thin and soft coat to cover the flesh on the beach .

You don’t need to wear it carefully, whether you just wear one shoulder, or casually tie a belt around your waist and expose both shoulders. In short, where the meaty stalls are, the thin parts are exposed.

When lying down in the sun, use the coat as a bath towel, where you want to cover it.

OFF-WHITE Striped Long Shirt Jacket

EBERJEY Sea Breeze Isadora Cotton Tulle Dress

MELISSA ODABASH Dana embroidered voile beach gown

Three, show off a good figure!

If you have a big breasted girl with a thin waist and hips ,

Have a good figure that makes people burst into blood !

Then show it bravely!

You can choose a fashionable bikini

Show off a sexy and perfect body, blend with the sun and beach

You can also choose retro swimwear

Swimsuits from the 50s, classic solid colors and polka-dot simplicity

You can also choose a hollow perspective one-piece suit

A small design with exposed waist and beautiful back in a small area, showing the looming sexy

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Mobile phone filming method

We bought a new mobile phone, and we were worried that the screen would be scratched. Even if the mobile phone is a few hundred yuan, we still cherish it. Let me talk to you about the mobile phone film tips, you might as well take your time to appreciate it.

  Mobile phone film materials can be divided into four categories: PP material, PVC material, PET material, ARM material

   PP material film is relatively soft, light transmission is also very poor, can not play the role of anti-scratch, anti-abrasion, can only prevent dust, due to the poor effect, is now basically “forgotten” by consumers.

   PVC material film is soft but easy to stick, but the film itself is very thick, so the light transmission is also average. And if the film is torn off, it will leave residual glue on the phone screen, which is difficult to handle.

   PET film has high light transmittance, there is no residual glue after tearing off, and small bubbles in the middle of the film are not easy to appear. However, the high reflectivity of this kind of film will cause the user to be unable to see the characters on the screen, and it is also easy to leave fingerprints and oil stains on the surface.

  The most high-end mobile phone film is the ARM material. The surface of this material has been treated with the latest technology and has the ability to wear and scratch. At the same time, the product of this material has no bubbles after being pasted, and the light transmission is also very good, leaving no traces after tearing off. Relatively speaking, this kind of membrane has the best effect, and of course the price is also the most expensive.

Tips for mobile phone film

   Choose a mobile phone film three times

   It is reported that in addition to looking at the material of the film, three factors must be understood. One is abrasion resistance, the other is light transmittance, and the other is its viscosity. Among them, the second element is the most important.

   Abrasion resistance: The mobile phone film is used to protect the screen, so its own abrasion resistance must be high. Especially for some handwriting input mobile phones, the wear resistance of the film is even heavier. Generally speaking, the higher the wear resistance of the mobile phone film, the higher the smoothness.

   Transmittance: A mobile phone film with poor light transmittance can damage the eyes. Under normal circumstances, the light intensity of the mobile phone screen itself is already very low, and a layer of film will increase eye fatigue. Generally speaking, the light transmittance of high-quality mobile phone film is around 95%, while the low-quality one is below 80%. The film on some stalls that can reach 99% is actually not up to it, and the current ones are generally not higher than 97%.

   Easy to stick: Generally speaking, a high-quality film can be automatically pasted on the premise that the surface of the screen is clean without bubbles. More importantly, pay attention to whether it can be used or washed repeatedly when purchasing. Generally, there is glue on the back of the inferior film. It is absolutely not allowed to be used repeatedly, let alone washing. The high-quality ones are electrostatically pasted, no glue is needed, and they can be used repeatedly or even washed.

   Consumer reminder: Do not buy roadside mobile phone stickers

   Some readers said that on some pedestrian bridges, there are many vendors selling mobile phone stickers, and they also help mobile phone users to stick them. The prices are not expensive, ranging from a few yuan to a dozen yuan. But most of the packaging is very simple, and Chinese logos are rarely seen. Most of them are in English, Japanese or Korean, which are not understandable. Can these films be bought?

  Some mobile phone users who have used the stickers sold by unlicensed hawkers reported that these stickers will appear blurred, dusty, bubbles, etc. after being used for a period of time

   phenomenon. And after tearing it off, a layer of sticky residue will be left on the screen, which is difficult to clean.

   It is reported that the main reason for these phenomena is that, first of all, these films are not wear-resistant, and small scratches will appear on them after long-term use, which affects the light transmission. Secondly, the sealing degree of these films is not high after being attached to the mobile phone, and air, dust, perspiration, etc. may enter during use. Especially in the hot summer in Guangzhou, the service life of these inferior films is even shorter. In addition, the method of filming by vendors is not standard enough, which greatly affects the service life of mobile phone film. Therefore, mobile phone users must think twice when buying, and it is best not to buy.

In particular, it should be noted that: firstly, using transparent tape as the film can not achieve good light transmittance; secondly, the wear resistance is also much worse. After frequent replacement, it will cause problems in the sealing of the screen and the panel. Will leave glue marks that are difficult to remove! There are some corrosive glues that will gradually affect the clarity of the screen and reduce the light transmittance.

  Mobile phone film operation method: first find a piece of smooth cardboard-playing cards can be used if you don’t have it (but you need to fold it in half to maintain sufficient hardness), the width should be slightly smaller than the width of the screen. Then clean the screen, and your hands must also be washed-otherwise the stains on your hands will remain on your film or screen! Align one side of the film with the screen, press on it with cardboard, and slowly move to the other Advance in one direction. In this process, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the hands must be pressed hard, and the movements must not be too fast. Note that if bubbles are generated, they can be partially lifted-push again until completion.