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How to match T-shirts to look better

The weather is warming up slowly, and T-shirts have gradually become the main force in everyone’s wardrobe. So how should T-shirts be matched to create a visual sense of one meter and six meters tall? How to match them to make yourself Become the most beautiful cub in the street. The editor below will introduce some dressing options to everyone. I hope everyone can shine especially throughout the summer:

T-shirt and jeans

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T-shirt and jeans, a golden combination of summer, a match that will not step on thunder. Girls can try to tuck all the hem of the T-shirt into their jeans to appear more capable. You can also tie up a corner of the T-shirt carefully and it will look very special. In the end, a girl with a good figure can completely tie up the hem of the T-shirt and expose your abdominal muscles, which is refreshing and beautiful.

T-shirt plus wide leg pants

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If your figure can’t allow you to expose your flesh, why not try wide-leg pants? Carefully selected T-shirts and simple wide-leg pants, and then tighten your T-shirt, you can hide the thick legs quietly and make your waistline look slimmer.

T-shirt and A-line skirt

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The T-shirt and the A-line skirt are really the standard collocation for energetic girls. This outfit, you must be the most attractive presence in the whole street, really full of vitality, is the best match for summer.

T-shirt and fishtail skirt

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The collision of the slogan T-shirt and the fishtail skirt really broke out 100% femininity in an instant, and the intellectual office white-collar style came out.

T-shirt plus single product

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For girls with thin legs, please show your advantages as much as you can. T-shirts and high slit skirts will make you full of OL in an instant.

The Bungee girl looks over, and of course you can’t miss the T-shirt + fishnet stockings + ankle boots when you wear European and American styles, and then put on a European and American makeup, you are the most dazzling pure presence in the bar.

Stacking necklaces is a very popular dressing method recently. It turns you into a hip-hop singer every minute, as if you are going to have a freestyle on the street.

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