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How to design cultural shirts to look good? How to design cultural shirts?

  This year’s hot Slogan style once again attracted everyone’s attention to the pattern design of T-shirts. T-shirts are available every year, but the pattern design trend is different every year. So how should the pattern of the cultural shirt/T-shirt be designed? How to design the pattern of the cultural shirt Will it look good? Today, the editor of T agency will come to talk to you about the design of T-shirts.

  T-shirt pattern design is not simple, let’s re-understand this handy “T-shirt”:

  T-shirts are the simplest among the many categories of clothing: easy to wash, easy to maintain, easy to buy, and easy to match;

  T-shirts are comfortable to wear: cotton or cotton-containing fabrics are generally used, soft and comfortable, and unrestrained;

  T-shirts are relatively cheap: the price is popular and consumers can accept it;

  If there are antonyms, suits, high heels, and commuter bags should be the antonyms of T-shirts, which will definitely not make sense; T-shirts symbolize a life attitude that is close to nature, relaxed and relaxed.

  This attribute means that the design of T-shirts is not unreasonable. There are several key points in the design of T-shirts:

  How to design a cultural shirt/T-shirt pattern: color selection tips

  The pattern printing and dyeing methods of T-shirts, namely the printing process, are mainly divided into three types: screen printing, thermal transfer printing, and digital direct injection process.

  The most common screen printing is because the screen printing adopts the over-color printing method, so it is impossible to achieve the transition of all colors between the two colors according to the picture. It is difficult to reflect the color transition according to the picture itself; thermal transfer printing is because of the thermosetting pattern A layer of jelly will be formed on the surface of the attachment after transfer, which has a poor hand feeling and is airtight, so the pattern should be small.How to design cultural shirts to look good?  How to design cultural shirts?

  These technological limitations require that the color registration of the T-shirt design should be controlled within a certain range. And the “small but beautiful” color coincides with the casual, simple, fresh, and natural T-shirt.

  How to design cultural shirt/T-shirt pattern: pattern size design skills

  The logo on the chest, usually 6cm or 8cm;

  The logo is smaller, more subtle and generous.

  The front and back large images are generally A4 size <21*29.7cm> as the reference size;

  ID is printed on the right or left sleeve, within 10cm width;

  The width of the big picture cannot exceed 30cm and the length cannot exceed 40cm.

  The position of the pattern is mostly concentrated in the center of the chest, and the size will not exceed 15 square centimeters (the center line of the T-shirt shown in the above picture is used as a reference), and the position of the pattern cannot cross the seams of the clothes. No matter how complex the content of the pattern is, it should show a simple outline, round or square, giving a striking impression.

  In the pattern composition, the three composition methods of point, line and surface are the most common. Like the “small but beautiful” color, the T-shirt pattern should be “small and beautiful”, with details to attract people’s attention.

  Of course, if you want to customize advertising shirts, then the design of the pattern is another matter. Try to make the pattern as large as possible to enhance the advertising effect.How to design cultural shirts to look good?  How to design cultural shirts?

  In addition to the above-mentioned pattern design “Small but Beautiful” and “Small but Beautiful”, the regular repetitive patterns are also very beautiful. This kind of pattern can be used as the pattern of T-shirt printing on the whole body. The design of this kind of pattern is also skillful. Don’t think that the same pattern will be beautiful when piled together.How to design cultural shirts to look good?  How to design cultural shirts?

  How to design cultural shirts/T-shirt patterns: Design techniques for full-body printed T-shirt patterns

Points to note when choosing printing patterns:

  1. Try to avoid particularly large color blocks, especially on the chest. Large color blocks will cause the printing position to be airtight when you sweat whether you use glue or ink printing.

  2. T-shirts and cultural shirts have three positions: front, back and cuffs to avoid your pattern from the armhole to the shoulder position, because the small batch of printing is mostly ready-to-wear printing, and the stitching in these positions will affect the printing The effect will also increase the cost.

  3. When you choose screen printing, you must control the color, because the more the number of colors, the higher the cost.

  4. Screen printing should avoid the use of color gradients, because the printed gradients will be very different from those displayed on the screen. After all, printing on fabrics and printing on paper are different.

  After designing the T-shirt/T-shirt pattern according to the above design precautions and techniques, you must put the pattern on the T-shirt first to preview the design effect and placement, and finally determine the position for the T-shirt printing.

  Summary of the key points of T-shirt/cultural shirt design:

  When designing patterns, pay attention to such things as color, density, composition, cohesive effects, application, narrative (such as telling stories with patterns), fun (such as changing elements in repetition), style (such as Memphis), sense of series Wait.

  After designing a satisfactory T-shirt/cultural shirt pattern, you can directly find a T-shirt customization platform to customize T-shirts.

  In order to match the unique design of each customizer, the T-shirt customization platform has no choice but to provide high-quality brand designs. Make every love possible and show it using T-shirts as a carrier.

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