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A few simple steps teach you how to make a beautiful and lovely DIY phone case

Mobile phones have become a part of life. Play during the day, play at night, go to work, play after work, go out, you can go out without money or bags, you almost have no courage to go out without your mobile phone, first of all, you can’t pass the boring time. Moreover, a mobile phone can handle almost everything in life. You can take the bus, eat, and shop, all can be done through the mobile phone.

Gradually, we also concentrate our tastes on this little thing, from the appearance of the phone itself to the screensaver theme inside, to the decoration of the phone case, all will be injected into the feeling of the owner. Today, the editor will bring you a few tutorials on diy mobile phone cases, so that your baby will look what you want in your hands.

Although you can buy everything in Taobao, Ma Yun can’t satisfy everyone’s mood. Sometimes, for a favorite ta, he has to find a needle in a haystack. Instead of spending money, it is better to DIY one.

In fact, if you have learned to paint, or if you are good at painting without a teacher, then this is too simple for you, you will see later. But if you don’t know how to paint, don’t worry, there are many ways to make a beautifully decorated phone case

Hand painted mobile phone case

If you draw, then you will find that your phone case has unlimited possibilities to become beautiful and unique.

Use paper tape

Friends who like hand accounts will have paper tape. Now a stationery store has a lot of paper tapes for sale, not to mention student friends, and these various types of paper tape are placed on the phone case. You can’t slip away too.

Is it a simple and effective way?

Magazine clip art

Those who are accustomed to buying magazines can try it, or if you see a picture you like on other paper media, and you happen to control the size of the phone case, you can try to cut and paste it directly, of course, you don’t need to paste it. , Directly sandwiched between the phone and the case. In addition to the appropriate size method, pictures of the size such as stickers can also be posted on the back, and the effect is also very good!

Ornament decoration

Some small decorations, such as diamond ornaments, buttons, semi-pearls, sequins, etc., can be combined to decorate the appearance of the phone case.

Nail polish decoration

In the nail salon, I don’t know if you have noticed such a sensation of nail art. It has a wonderful over-color, and it is also such a shiny style. Try it with your nail polish. This is really beautiful!

Another way is to use nail polish to drop the nail polish in the water, and the nail polish of different colors will form an unpredictable pattern. Then press the outside of the phone case against the pattern in the water, pause for a while, and then pick it up. The nail polish pattern in the previous water ran to the phone case, and it is not easy to fall off! The editor did not find a tutorial, but you can use the cup tutorial to let everyone experience it!

Embossed phone case

This one is the most complicated, but the effect is obvious to all. First, the dried flowers need to be pressed, flat dried flowers, and assembled on the phone case, then the dried flowers are fixed and sealed on the phone case with crystal glue, which can not only maintain the color of the flowers, but also play a role in bonding. There is no fixed choice. What kind of flower you like, you can do what kind of effect.

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