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How to clean blankets correctly? 5 tips for blanket cleaning

Abstract: Blanket is a kind of commonly used bedding, which has the function of keeping warm and is thinner than quilt. There are many types of raw materials, so there are many varieties. After many friends buy blankets home, they are not very clear about how to wash the blankets. Here, I will give a detailed summary on how to wash blankets, so that friends who have bought blankets can know how to wash blankets.

How to wash the blanket is correct?

After many friends buy blankets home, they are not very clear about how to wash the blankets. Here, I will give a detailed summary on how to wash blankets, so that friends who have bought blankets can know how to wash blankets.

First of all, for the question of how to wash the blanket is the correct way, you must first figure out what kind of blanket you are buying. Different quality blankets have different cleaning methods. We roughly divide the quality of blankets into two large quantities according to the blankets that are often sold on the market. One is pure wool blankets, and the other is chemical fiber blankets. How to wash these two quality blankets is different.

Coral fleece blanket cleaning method

Coral fleece is made of imported DTY microfiber as raw material. It not only feels super soft and smooth, delicate and gentle, like baby skin, but also has fine silk threads, thick texture, soft and comfortable. It will not fade, lint, or pilling, and has excellent water absorption.

Coral fleece is the latest and best-selling fabric among textile fabrics. Mainly used in home accessories, nightgowns, baby products, children’s clothing, clothing lining, shoes and hats, toys, car accessories, craft products and other materials.

Compared with other textiles, its advantages are particularly obvious: in summary, it is soft, delicate, non-linting, and easy to dye.

Faced with such a comfortable coral fleece blanket, why don’t we do regular dry cleaning, what is the correct cleaning method? The editor provides the following suggestions.

At home, there are two cleaning methods: one is machine washing and the other is hand washing.

Machine washing: First, roll the blanket into a mesh bag and put it into the washing machine; use general detergent and wash at room temperature, not rinsing; dry naturally after washing, do not use tumble dryer, do not iron.

Hand wash: First pour warm water of about 30 degrees Celsius into the container, and add an appropriate amount of neutral detergent; then put the blanket in the container soaked, soak for about 20 minutes, and then repeatedly scrub gently to make the blanket stains Release it and go to the sewage; then rinse it with clean water repeatedly, squeeze out the water, and finally dry it in the shade, and do not expose it to the sun.

In daily use, you should often put the blanket in the sun to bathe, and gently pat to remove the sweat, dust, dander, etc. stuck on the blanket, and carefully comb the fluff to keep the blanket surface Clean, fluffy and soft. It should be prevented from squeezing when storing, which can keep the texture of the blanket elastic and provide better care.

How to wash pure wool blankets

Wool blankets cannot be washed in a washing machine. Because the high-speed rotation of the washing machine will damage the wool blanket. Wool blankets are easily deformed after washing. Therefore, it can only be washed by hand or taken to a dry cleaner. Before washing the woolen blanket, soak it in cold water for a period of time to fully soak the blanket. Then lift the blanket, gently squeeze part of the water, and rub it gently with soap. Don’t twist the blanket dry, use your hands to squeeze out the water. Otherwise, the blanket is easily deformed. Finally, blankets should generally be dried in the shade. Do not expose them directly to the sun, as this will make the blankets hard, out of shape, and easy to shed. How to wash wool blankets is probably to pay attention to these problems.

How to wash chemical fiber blankets

Generally, there are two kinds of polyester and acrylic fiber in the market. This kind of blanket can be washed in a washing machine. But there is no need to add blisters. Generally, cold water of about 20 degrees is most suitable. Of course, hand-washing is of course better. The method of washing chemical fiber blankets is probably similar to that of wool blankets (recommendation: pillow core). If you are washing with a washing machine, remember not to dry it directly with the washing machine. Instead, squeeze it dry by hand. The blankets are mainly dry in the shade, so that the shape of the blanket can be better maintained and it is not easy to shed hair. Secondly, if you want to make the blanket smoother after washing, you can add about one or two white vinegar during the last wash to make the washed blanket look more vivid. Finally, everyone must remember that yes, no matter what kind of blanket, do not use boiling water bubble, using boiling water bubble not only is easy to deform the blanket, but also makes the blanket easier to shed.

5 tips for blanket cleaning

1. In the laundry tub, use neutral soap flakes or high-grade washing powder to turn into a light soap solution of about 20 degrees. After the blanket is soaked in clean water, gently squeeze out the water and put it in the soap solution gently by hand After kneading and washing, rinse with clean water several times.

2. If it is a pure blanket, you can put about one or two of white vinegar in the last rinse, so that the washed blanket can be as bright as new.

3. After rinsing, roll up the blanket, press lightly to drain the water, and then use the brush to neaten the fluff brush into the original square shape.

4. Drying the blanket is best to use two bamboo poles to set up in parallel, then put the blanket on top and place it in a cool place to dry slowly. Avoid direct exposure to the sun to prevent the blanket from fading and deforming.

5. The dried blanket is best to be brushed again with a brush to restore the original soft feel and beautiful appearance of the blanket.

Daily care of blankets

1. In daily care, the dust on the upper blanket can be removed by shaking and flapping.

2. However, if you accidentally spill a drink and cause a small area of ​​the blanket to get dirty, you can wipe it gently with a white towel with strong absorption power and warm water at about 40 degrees Celsius.

3. If the blanket is partially stained with oil and clean water is difficult to achieve the purpose of cleaning, then you can use a mildly alkaline mild detergent to gently wipe it, and then gently wipe it with a white towel with strong absorption power and warm water at about 40 degrees Celsius clean.

4. Don’t panic when encountering a wide range of dirt. Turn the washing machine to a gentle level, add acidic or weak alkaline mild detergent, stir well, and then gently wash with water. Dry the water before drying.

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